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Scholarships of the Ministry of Education

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Art. 1. The following methodology establishes the procedure for the selection of the candidates eligible for the scholarships granted by the Romanian Ministry of Education, for citizens belonging to third countries (with the exception of Romanian ethnics living abroad or of romanian citizens living abroad), who are currently studying in the self-supported fee-based form (based on the Government Decision No. 22/2009, specifying the conditions under which foreign citizens may study in Romania, republished, with subsequent alterations, in the Law No. 1/2011), for students with outstanding academic and scientific achievements.

Art. 2 The following candidates may compete for one of the 5 (five) available places:

  1. Foreign citizens from non-EU countries who have graduated at least one study year, with the exception of the preparatory year;
  2. Foreign citizens from non-EU countries who have obtained a minimum average of 7.00 (seven) during their previous study year(s);
  3. Foreign graduates from non-EU countries who have graduated with an overall average of minimum 7.00 (seven) (the overall average should be calculated without taking into account the mark obtained at the final state exam);
  4. Foreign citizens from non-EU countries who have not benefitted from another scholarship granted by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Scientific Research for the same study cycle.

Art. 3. The Senate will select only 5 (five) files in the direct order of the candidates’ averages, taking into account the following criteria:

  1. Students who have passed all their exams and do not have failed credits from previous years;
  2. Students who have passed the year with a single failed exam;
  3. Students with several failed exams from previous years, provided they have obtained a minimum of 50 credits

Art. 4. (1) If two candidates have the same average, they will be differentiated according to their study cycle, priority having doctoral students, then master students and eventually undergraduate students..

(2) If two candidates from the same study cycle have the same averages, they will be differentiated according to the following criteria:

  1. the mark/average obtained for the subject with the highest number of credits from the previous study year;
  2. the mark/average obtained for the subjects with the highest number of credits, in a descending order, from the previous year.

Art. 5. The application files have to contain the following documents:

  1. A list of all the documents contained in the file (each page in the file must be numbered);
  2. Application form (Annex I);
  3. Transcript of records for each study year (except for the preparatory year), for undergraduate candidates;
  4. Notarised copy of the diploma and diploma supplement/transcript of records and certificate reflecting the results obtained at the state exam (for the graduates of 2017), for the candidates already enrolled in master, doctoral or specialisation/residency studies;
  5. C. V.
  6. the list of scientific papers, articles published in specialised journals, recommendation letters from at least two members of the teaching staff/specialists in the respective field – for the candidates enrolled in doctoral studies;
  7. Notarised copy of the birth certificate;
  8.  Notarised copy of the passport (valid for at least 6 months after the beginning of the study program);
  9. Proof of name change (if applicable) – notarised copy and translation into romanian;
  10. Notarised copy of the Romanian residence card;
  11. ¾ photograph attached to the application;
  12. Affidavit, given in front of a notary public, by which the candidate assumes full responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the provided information (Annex II).

Art. 6 (1) The application files will be submitted in two copies to the International Department, in the period 2 October – 16 October 2017.

(2) Candidates must number all the pages contained in each copy of the file.

Art. 7. After the selection of the candidates, the International Department of the university will centralise the results in the descending order of the academic results of the candidates.

Art. 8. The list of the five selected candidates will be forwarded to the academic Senate for approval, and will be posted on the website.

Art. 9. The Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara, through the Department of International Relations, will forward the following documents to the Romanian Ministry of Education, until 30 November 2017:

  • a)      the official document, signed by the Rector of the university, nominating the candidates selected for a scholarship;
  • b)      the list and the complete files of the 5 selected candidates;
  • c)      the list of the candidates in the descending order of their academic results.

Art. 10. The scholarships are granted in the descending order of the candidates’averages, by selecting the first applications from each university, within the number of available grants and taking into account a balance among the various universities and study fields.

Art. 11. The candidates selected by the Ministry of Education will receive a scholarship granted by an order of the minister od education. The final results of the selection will be communicated to each university and will be posted on the official website of the Ministry of National Education.

Art. 12. The current methodology was approved in the Senate meeting of 28 September 2017, according to legal provisions.

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