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Recreation and culture

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Timisoara offers a broad range of recreational possibilities. The city has a vibrant night life with concerts, clubs, dancing, theater, cinemas and opera. You will find various museums and art galleries and also public parks available for sports activities, walking or relaxing.

The Indian students of our university, together with the Lions and Rotary Clubs of Timisoara have founded Banat Lions Cricket Club, encourgaing students to take up this non-violent and elegant sport. Those who are interested in joining the Banat Cricket Club or getting more information can contact the representatives of the club by e-mail at 

Performing arts are represented by the following cultural institutions:

» Symphonic Music

Banat Philharmonic (Filarmonica de Stat Banatul)
Address: Blvd. C.D. Loga 2
Tel. (256) 495.012


» Opera & Ballet

Romanian Opera House (Opera Nationala Romana Timisoara)
Address: Str. Marasesti 2
Tel: (256) 201.286

The construction of the Romanian Opera House began in 1871 and ended four years later, in 1875. The design was that of Viennese architects, Helmer and Fellner, the authors of numerous concert halls in Budapest, Vienna and Odessa. The murals in the concert hall are inspired by history and popular Romanian fairytales. Opera in Timisoara was appreciated as far back as the end of the 18th century. Joseph Strauss started out as Musical Director at Timisoara, where he composed and presented the world premiere of Faust's Life and Deeds. Franz Liszt also performed in Timisoara in 1846.

» Theatre

National Theatre (Teatrul National)
Address: Str. Marasesti
Tel: (256) 201.288

German State Theatre (Teatrul German de Stat)
Address: Str. Marasesti 2
Tel: (256) 201.291

Hungarian State Theatre (Teatrul Maghiar de Stat Csiky Gergely)
Address: Str. Alba Iulia 2
Tel: (256) 134.814

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