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Funding requirements

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To apply for a residence permit, you must be able to show proof of funds. Besides the tuition fee, all students must document that they have sufficient funds to cover their stay in Romania (the equivalent of the minimum salary/economy for the entire period for which you request the residence permit). It is not acceptable for subsistence to be ensured by a financial guarantee from a third party, regardless whether the guarantor is in Romania or abroad.

The general rule is that you must transfer the required amount to an account in a Romanian bank in your own name.

The amounts required by the Romanian Immigration Office in order to grant a student residence permit are:
For 1 academic year : RON 230.00
Consular fee:  120 Euro
Application fee: RON 4.00
Please note: If you have been admitted to a course with duration of a year or more, you must transfer the full amount of one academic year in order to be granted a student residence permit.
The residence permit will be given for one year at a time.

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