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Health Insurance

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A) EU/EEA/Swiss Students

Students from the EU/EEA/Swiss Confederation must have social security coverage from their home country. They must obtain the European Health Insurance Card in their home country, which entitles them to medical treatment in accordance with the Romanian National Insurance Scheme.

For further information about the card, please contact the nearest insurance office in your home country.

Students from the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland will have to show their passport in order to receive free medical treatment as the UK has not implemented the European Health Insurance Card.

B) Non-EU/EEA/Swiss students

If the duration of your stay in Romania is more than 12 months, you automatically become insured under the National Health Insurance Scheme when you register as a resident in Romania and as a student at VBUMPT.

If the duration of your stay is between 3 and 12 months, you should fill in a form “National Insurance Scheme – Application for insurance during stay in Romania” entitling you to social security coverage with regard to health services in accordance with the National Insurance Scheme. You can get a form at the County Health Insurance Office.

The form should be sent to the insurance office together with the following documentation:

  • Certified copy of your passport and the residence permit stamp;
  • Certified copy of the admission letter from the VBUMPT.

Students who stay in Romania less than 3 months must have social security coverage from their home country.

The National Health Insurance Scheme does not cover students before they register at the VBUMPT, after they have completed their studies in Timisoara, or during any travel abroad in the course of the semester. These periods must be covered by a private insurance policy. Furthermore, the National Health Insurance Scheme does not cover dental care or illness contracted before arrival in Romania.

Address of the County Health Insurance Office:
Str. Corbului 4, Room 40, 1st floor
Tel: 0256 201772
Office hours:
Monday, Wednesday   9:00 – 12:00
Tuesday, Thursday      13:00 – 15:00

You can find all relevant information regarding the European Council’s application of social security schemes by accessing the following link

How do I find a doctor?
Our university has its own General Practitioner who can be contacted whenever you need a health check or a consultation. The GP will further refer you to a specialist or a hospital if necessary.

Please, keep in mind that according to Romanian law, medical treatment is free only until the age of 26. Above that age, you will have to pay for medical treatment.

Emergency ward
If your condition is serious or you need a doctor outside of office hours, you have to contact the emergency services. The number of the emergency services is 112.

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