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Student issues

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A. The structure of the academic year

The structure of the academic year is roughly as follows:

  1. The winter semester starts on 15 September and ends approximately in mid-February, after the mid-term exams. Students have two weeks Christmas holiday and a week mid-term holiday.
  2.  The spring semester starts in late February and ends approximately at the beginning of July, after the summer exams. Students are entitled to three days Easter holiday, according to their faith.
  3. Summer hospital practice and preparation of the dissertation for graduating students (20 working days, in July, for the Faculties of Medicine and Dental Medicine, and approximately two months for the Faculty of Pharmacy).

B. Student card

All our students receive a student ID-card once they have completed their registration. The student ID-card is issued at the respective secretariats.

Students from the EU/EEA/the Swiss Confederation have the right to discounts on public transportation, based on their student ID-card.

Non-EU students do not benefit from any discount on public transportation.

C. Internet access

Student hostels have Internet connection and the conditions permitting access to the Internet are regulated by the Students’ League.

D. Notify the International Office about your new address

Always remember to inform the International Office about any change of address if you move.

The Police Foreign Section must also be notified with regard to any change of address.

E. Religious issues

The VBUMPT has students from all over the world, belonging to different cultures and religious beliefs. We are a secular university and students are free to practice their individual faith.

Timisoara has been known as a truly ecumenical city where different religions have co-existed peacefully along the centuries.

Besides the various Christian churches and prayer houses, Timisoara also has a mosque and a synagogue. 

F. Student organisations


The Society of Timisoara Medical Students (STMS) is a non-racist, non profit, non-religious, non-partisan student organization whose aim is to guide all the students studying at our university, to organize various scientific and cultural events. Its primary goal is to promote students’ academic and social interests. It does this by working together with the local student branches at the faculties and the various faculty committees, with the faculty leadership boards and councils, administration and staff, as well as with various welfare organizations. The Society also cooperates with similar organisations from universities all over the world.

If you wish to contact the Students Society, you can do that by e-mail:

The STMS has its own representatives in the University Senate.

G. Cellular phones

As almost everybody in Romania have their own cell phone, payphones are not easily available anymore. If you are going to stay in Romania for a longer period and you don’t have a cell phone you may find it useful to get one. There a many different options and offers, and you can get further information in telecommunication stores or stores which sell electronic equipment.

If you bring your own cell phone, you can buy a subscription at a Romanian telephone company or use pre-paid cards. You can buy a subscription when you have a Romanian ID – number. To buy a pre-paid card, you need to show an ID-card.

H. Check list (what to bring)

  • Valid passport / travel document
  • Passport photos
  • Letter of acceptance form the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports/ Validation of diploma
  • Original diplomas/transcripts from previous education (degree students)
  • European Health Insurance Card (EEA/EU/SC students)
  • Medical certificate from your home GP
  • Non EEU/EU/SC students: proof of insurance
  • Visa/Master/Card/traveleres cheques
  • Cash for the first days
  • Adapters for electrical equipment (standard outlets in Romania use 220 volts)
  • Necessary medication you use
  • Suitable clothes and shoes
  • Necessary items for the bedroom, and towels

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