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Teaching positions vacancies 2018-2019

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of the vacancies competition held by Victor Babeş University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Timişoara.

 I. Contest publication

Official Gazette of Romania, Part III, no. 456 May 3, 2019

 II. General Calendar

03.05.2019 – 21.06.2019 - Contest enrollment period, deadline 21.06.2019, 15.00 hours
  21.06.2019 – 26.06.2019  - Publication of the following documents on the contest's website and on the website of the higher education institution: curriculum vitae and the certificate of compliance with minimum standards for each of the enrolled candidates respecting the protection of personal data
- Announcement on the contest website and on the institution's website of the day, time and place of the contest tests- Verification of compliance with minimum standards set for teaching positions by the commission of verification of standards / minimum criteria
- Verification of the submitted files and receipt by the candidates of the opinion from the legal department regarding the fulfillment of the legal conditions for submission to the contest
26.06.2019 - Communicating the notice to enter the competition by displaying it on the University's website
27.06.2019 - Submitting complaints about the fulfillment of mandatory minimum criteria
28.06.2019 - Solving complaints about compliance with mandatory minimum criteria
28.06.2019 - Communicating the results of settling complaints about the fulfillment of mandatory minimum criteria
începând cu 01.07.2019 - Handing over the files of the candidates to the secretary of the competition commissions
07.07.2019 – 19.07.2019 - Conducting tests contest
22.07.2019 - Announcement of the results of the contest
23.07.2019 – 25.07.2019 - Submitting complaints
26.07.2019-29.07.2019 - Settlement of complaints
30.07.2019 - Display of the final results
31.07.2019 – 15.09.2019 - Analysis and legal endorsement of the results; analyzing and endorsing the results in faculty council meetings
- Analyzing and endorsement of the results in the Senate of the University
- Issuing the decisions of the Rector for the appointment and award of the title



Useful documents

Some documents are in PDF format and can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have this program installed you can download it from official Adobe website

Download Conditions compliance - dupa contestatii
File type : PDF | File size : 343.37 Kb
Download Conditions compliance
File type : PDF | File size : 343.35 Kb
File type : PDF | File size : 343.94 Kb
Download DOSARE CANDIDATI_nedeterminata
File type : ZIP | File size : 23.02 Mb
File type : PDF | File size : 339.31 Kb
Download List of enrolled candidates
File type : PDF | File size : 321.38 Kb
Download Minimum wages
File type : DOCX | File size : 24.61 Kb
Download Comissions
File type : PDF | File size : 619.47 Kb
Download Tasks
File type : DOCX | File size : 13 Kb
Download Vacancies
File type : DOCX | File size : 247.47 Kb
File type : PDF | File size : 52.78 Kb
Download Exam Topics
File type : ZIP | File size : 8.65 Mb

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